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The fastest way to create a finished floor plan

Simple Scanning

Floor plan scanning has never been easier. SecondFloor utilizes AI to automatically detect walls, windows, doors, and more while providing you with real time feedback to your scanning progress. Detected features throughout the home will be outlined and updated instantly on the 3D map so you can quickly see what you have already scanned. LiDAR captures measurements as you scan providing the app with accurate dimensions, and on screen instructions guide you to create the perfect floor plan.

Safe & Secure

Privacy is a fundamental part of SecondFloor. All floor plans and associated data are processed directly on your device without uploading to the cloud. Positioning data for each feature is generated in real time as you scan and the subsequent floor plan is saved on your device. Sensitive data and videos on your device are never accessed from the scanning process.

Floor Plan Editing

SecondFloor is equipped with a full suite of editing tools for your scanned floor plans. Easily add walls, shift door placements, resize windows, and much more. These tools allow you to edit a floor plan directly within the app while still on-site to confirm accuracy. Since these edits are performed directly on your device, there is no need to upload or submit a request for modifications from a 3rd party.

Download Today

SecondFloor is available on the App Store for all LiDAR iPhones and iPads running iOS 16 and above. Scan an unlimited number of floor plans with one simple subscription. All new subscribers receive a one week free trial applied automatically during sign up.