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We officially launched SecondFloor this past week at the PMRE conference in Las Vegas and were blown away by the response! We created the first augmented reality floor plan app to instantly create floor plans using artificial intelligence based on the needs we saw in the real estate industry and that idea resonated with hundreds of like minded business owners within the real estate media industry. Many shared their stories of continuous problems along with the frustrations of ever changing prices and privacy concerns with other solutions and found SecondFloor to be the perfect match for this business!

Within this first week, we have had over 1000 downloads in 4 countries and over 5,000 scans completed which was well beyond our expectations plus a feature in the Upmarket podcast! We received lots of feedback from users about the floor plans, user interface, and requested features for the future and are excited to start implementing this feedback into future updates.

SecondFloor is the fastest way to create a finished floor plan


The next evolution in floor plan technology

SecondFloor is available on the App Store for all LiDAR iPhones and iPads running iOS 16 and above. Scan an unlimited number of floor plans with one simple subscription. All new subscribers receive a one month free trial applied automatically during sign up.